Our appartments

The building includes an underground floor, a ground floor and 9 levels of apartment + the roof top terrasse.



The basement

The underground floor consists of :

  • A vehicle access ramp
  • 22 parking spaces. The parking lot has been built according to the general rules of traffic.
  • 6 storage stalls.
  • 1 water liner.
  • 1 technical room for the suppressor.
  • 1 technical room for the power generator.
  • A fire escape.
  • The stairs providing access to all levels of the building.
  • 2 elevators that provide access to all levels.
  • 1 equipped automatic laundry room.

The ground floor :

The building will be 1,20 meter elevated from the ground with a 5 meter set back that will allow to create 3 extra parking spaces in the street for visitors.

We enter the building using the stairs or the special ramp for disabled. Decorative elements will be added on the front of the building.

The ground floor comprises:

The spacious 150 square meter large ground floor entrance hall includes :

  • A furnished waiting area with a reception service.
  • A 34 square meter janitorial services office.
  • A 77 square meter multi-purpose room and 2 toilets.
  • An F3 apartment that includes 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 TV, 1 kitchen with back office and a 31 square meter patio.
  • There is also a 52 square meter playground in the back, between the building and the swimming pool.
  • A swimming pool with its furnished beach.

Floors 1 to 7

There are 7 of them. On each floor, we have:

  • Deux (2) appartements de types F4 composés d’un séjour, de deux (2) chambres secondaires et d’une chambre parentale. Chaque chambre comportera sa salle de bain et l’appartement comportera une toilette pour les visiteurs. Ces deux appartements sont situés sur la façade principale de l’immeuble (donc la vue Mer). Les séjours et les chambres parents se prolongent sur des balcons pour permettre la vue-mer pour tous les appartements de même type situés aux niveaux supérieurs. Les appartements comporteront des cuisines équipées et meublées et d’une terrasse-cuisine et de buanderie. Toutes les chambres disposent de meubles aménagés incorporés de rangements.

  • One appartment F4 in the back of the building, with view on the old airport. Those apartments include 1 living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom. Each room has its own bathroom and there is an extra toilet for visitors. The kitchen is fully equipped and furnished and has a laundry room. The living room and all bedrooms have a balcony.

    Two elevators will be available on all floors and each floor has its fire escape.

Floors 8 & 9 : The Duplex apartments.

Those floors will consist of the 2 levels of the Duplex apartments and one F2 apartment located on the 8th floor (in the back, view on the old airport). The Duplex apartments are located on the front of the building.

  • Level 1 du duplex composé de : vestibule, grand séjour, cuisine équipée et meublée et terrasse cuisine, boyerie, une suite chambre d’amis composé de roberie, une grande terrasse et un balcon avec vue sur mer.

  • Level 2 : un séjour, une suite parentale avec salon privatif, roberie, balcon et salle de bain ; deux (2) chambres enfants de grandes superficies avec roberie et SDB, une terrasse à l’arrière, de larges balcons à l’avant, un jardin suspendu à l’arrière.

The Duplex apartments are very spacious, light and well ventilated.

The landscaped terrasse

All elevators give access to all levels from the underground floor to the rooftop terrasse. Terrasse landscaping include :

  • 15 extra storage stalls
  • laundry room with dryers
  • A sports room with its own bathroom
  • A lounge area with green space, a relaxing room with breathtaking view on the ocean.

Africa Real Estate makes your dreams come true and offers you an ideal quality living environment that meets your requirements.

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